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Octave Sweater: More Sleeve Options

I really enjoyed designing the Octave Sweater for Knitty's Deep Fall 2021 issue - but in the process of creating it, I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do. One day I'd be looking at Adidas tracksuits for inspiration, and then next I'd be flipping through my favourite book of charted Japanese twisted stitch patterns. I decided what I wanted was a blank canvas a knitter could easily make their own.

With a 12-stitch panel on the sleeves, I made a version with those twisted stitches, and a version with a fun dip stitch detail - both of those are featured in Knitty. But I also wrote another sleeve variation, which I'm sharing below. You could create your own variation, or just knit the whole sweater in stockinette - it has a great sweatshirt-like silhouette knit a bit oversized.

All sweaters & swatches shown in Manos del Uruguay CARDO.

Ribbed Panel or Vertical Stripe Panel

Insert these instructions into the sleeve panel of the Octave Sweater:

Row 1 (RS): K1, (P1, K2) x 3, P1, K1

Row 2 (WS): P1, (K1, P2) x 3, K1, P1.

To add vertical stripes in contrasting colours, use the purl columns as a guide for applied crochet chains. These are easier to work before the sleeves are seamed.

Using Size K or L crochet hook and beginning at the top of the cuff, work upwards towards the shoulder seam as follows: Insert hook from front to back between bars of purl stitch where you want your stripes to begin. Bring loop of CC yarn through from behind the work. *Insert hook between bars of the next stitch up in that column, bring CC yarn through from behind and pull through loop on hook, rep from * until stripe is desired length. Cut CC and pull through to finish. Bring end to back of work and weave in. I really like the tutorial here:

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