Chelsea Hamilton and her boyfriend Jamie set out from Boston and drive west across the continent to Los Angeles in their brave adventure to become recording stars. Jamie is the ambitious one, Chelsea is the artist—the sensitive poet/songwriter with a beautiful voice.

They need each other. So Chelsea thought. But shortly after their arrival Jamie hooks up with a popular band and strands Chelsea on her own in L.A.—friendless, with no car, and little money.

A resilient spirit, Chelsea gets work with a catering company, falls in with a group of witty young comedians, and nabs a job that is a portal to the world of the glittering elite inhabiting crystal castles in the Hollywood hills. The job? Chelsea becomes a nanny to the seven-year-old daughter of pop superstar Cat Morgan.

Chelsea’s new friends had warned her—once you live in a fortress of luxury, you will be “one of the disappeared.”

The work is enjoyable, Cat is generous with her clothes and encouragement, and Cat’s mercurial husband Daniel has a recording studio in the basement. As Chelsea and Daniel begin to work together, she discovers her ambition, her musical voice, and a secret self, darker and crueler than she knew.

The plot of the novel is ripped from the tabloids and is replete with details usually reserved for insiders. Behind the veneer is a deeper exploration of betrayal, celebrity, and artistic ambition. As notoriety threatens to overwhelm Chelsea, she has to decide how to live her life.

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Over the years, I’ve played in a few bands and on my own. Most of the recordings pre-date the internet age, and are available only on CD or cassette.

In 2004, I was in a duo called The Lost Cause with Joel McConvey and we recorded at EP at Toronto’s Rogue Studio. It is available fror streaming at CBC Radio Three.