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KAL: Galorealong

KAL: Galorealong

Announcing my first-ever KAL - knit-along, that is. I'm finally over my grief, thanks to finding five beautiful skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Purewash DK in stunning shades of blue, teal and violet, and I'm ready to face down recreating my lost Galore sweater. And I'm hoping you'll want to knit along with me!

Flying Vee Giveaway!

I was so thrilled to work with both these yarns from two indie dyers I admire with such different points of view. Stephanie at Asylum Fibers has a very cool gothic thing going on (I mean, just check out her colour names) and Annie at Knitting It Up draws her inspiration from all things pop culture (her 'Friends' themed fade kit is stunning.)

Modifying Galore

Here are few thoughts on ways to modify your Galore sweater.

Drop the Neckline

The neckline as written is quite high - I find it comfortable to wear but I know some people prefer not to have something right up against their neck. To drop the neckline down, skip the first increase by casting on the number of stitches listed after that first increase.

Sweet Seams

have to confess something, a terrible secret. I only learned how to properly seam my knits about six months ago.

Since I've been knitting for about 20 (!!!) years, you may ask how I've been finishing my knits up until now, and this is where is gets even more terrible. Reader, I've been machine sewing my sweaters.