A Short History of Nearly Everything

Jun 01

Short Memoir for Huffington Post

"I wish now that I'd been braver, lifted my head, opened my eyes and looked around me." I wrote a piece about my memories of living in a rooming house in Parkdale, joining in a conversation started by a tone-deaf piece in Toronto Life about a "reno from hell."

Mar 29

Live in Market Square for Earth Hour

It takes bravery to play an outdoor show in March - especially in Canada. I ditched the coat and earmuffs for the show - this was taken at soundcheck. Andy Shurvell on bass, Joel Yearsley on drums.

May 02

Cover Feature: Filmmakers in Kingston Life

I was thrilled to write this feature - and get my first cover since TV Guide - for Kingston Life. I spoke to a variety of filmmakers and videographers about working in the medium in a smaller city. You can read the online edition here.

Oct 12

Pattern in Jane Austen Knits

It's hard to describe to a non-knitter that a magazine called Jane Austen Knits not only exists, but that having a pattern accepted to it is a major feather in your cap. I was OVER THE MOON when my submission to the inaugural issue (now a collector's item, apparently) was accepted. Of course, I then had to actually write the pattern and knit the damn thing. It is a difficult and tedious knit, but probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever made.

May 12

On Stage at the Toucan

The Toucan is where I played my first gig in Kingston, and still one of my favourite venues despite terrible sight lines and the ever-present stink of moldy beer. Me, in full Kim Deal mode, with Fuzzy Fraser on drums.

Oct 19

TV Guide Goes Digital

It was fun while it lasted. The print edition of TV Guide, where I wrote my first features and interviewed my first celebrities (Boston Rob and Tyra Banks count as celebs, right?) went the way of the dodo and we shifted to an online model, which was also doomed. Full love to commenters over at the Canadian Magazines blog who thought this was a big mistake.

Jul 31

Three Poems in Room Magazine

Three of my poems were included in Volume 28:3 of Room Magazine, a quarterly journal based in British Columbia. The poems are titled 'Hermaphrodite', 'Tantalized' and 'The Second Person in the Poem'. My Greek mythology phase.

Jan 23

Tricia Helfer for Elle Canada

Tricia and I talked a lot about modelling in this interview. I remember her telling me about an agent she saw in her teens, who told her her smile was a sneer. Despite all her success, it still bothered her. And that sneer/smile was so utterly part of her portrayal of Number Six.

Jul 31

Two Poems in Room Magazine

Two of my poems were included in Volume 27:3 of Room Magazine, a quarterly journal based in British Columbia.

The poems are titled 'Echo and Narcissus' and 'Electra and Aurelia Plath.' I was reading a lot of Plath biographies at the time.

May 18

Reading at Pontiac Quarterly, Drake Toronto

The brilliant Damian Rogers started this live-action literary magazine when she moved to Toronto, and I felt very lucky to be asked to read. The author of the National Post story about it seems to think my poems didn't really fit the theme, a point I can't really argue with him now, 12 years later. (That's me on the left, with the feather earrings).

I read selections from 'Earth Prime', some of which were also published in Grain Magazine around the same time.

May 10

The Memorial EP

In 2004, I was in a band with Joel McConvey and we recorded a five-song EP at the Rogue Studio in Toronto. You can listen to it on CBC Radio Three, where it is, ahem, memorialized.

May 01

Earth Prime in Grain Magazine

Six sections of my long poem 'Earth Prime' appeared in Vol. 23 No. 1 of Grain Magazine, a quarterly based in Saskatchewan.

This is my favourite section - it's based on William Gibson's Neuromancer.


She is the Lady Linda Lee
she comes from inside a book that I read.
Linda was the first girlfriend, the one who
gets thrown over, the one most people forget.
She dies in chapter five.
She lives on a beach written in hand signal jive.
She lives in a zipfront jumpsuit.
She lives in a saltwater shack.
She has four hundred and sixty-three cans of baked beans
no matter how many she eats.
She has sand on her face like freckles,
sand in her hair like pixels.

She is my tour guide.

Nov 15

A Poem in The Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead is a quarterly journal based in New Brunswick. My poem 'Beating to the Argolid' was included in the Winter 2003 edition. I managed to work in my obsession with Cassandra's fate at the end of the Trojan War and a bunch of sailing terms I picked up in sailing classes at Toronto's Harbourfront.

Jun 30

Two Poems in The Antigonish Review

Two of my poems were published in The Antigonish Review 134, Summer 2003 issue.

They were titled 'A Kidnapping' and 'What I'm Afraid of is Degradation.' I actually still like these two. Both use Greek mythology as a jumping off point, but bring the characters into the modern world. When 'Gods Behaving Badly' by Marie Phillips came out in 2007, it was definitely in my wheelhouse.

Jun 15

A Poem in Taddle Creek Magazine

My poem 'Secret Origins' was published in Vol. IV, No. 2 of Taddle Creek Magazine, a bi-annual general interest magazine.

This is how they sum up their contributors:
"Taddle Creek’s contributors are the famous, the infamous, the long-since famous, the never-to-be famous, the up-and-coming, the down-and-going, and the never to be heard from again."

I am definitely one of those, just not sure which yet.

This poem is about growing up in Toronto as a step-sister. An only child most days, a sister on others. I still like it, but it's a bit melancholy.

Apr 06

Sam Roberts Profile in Elle Canada

I interviewed Sam on New Year's Eve at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, where his band was opening for The Tragically Hip and Sarah Harmer.

Over the next four years or so, I wrote about a dozen profiles like this one and a few short features. I was lucky enough to interview Cobie Smulders, Tricia Helfer, Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer, Carl Newman from the New Pornographers and many more outstanding Canadian talents.

Mar 31

Sarah Slean Profile in Elle Canada

This was the first piece I ever 'sold' to a magazine. Editor Noreen Flanagan was extremely kind to me as I turned in way too many words on my first draft, and Sarah Slean was even kinder, sitting through an hour-long in-person interview for a 200-word piece.

Feb 02

Staff Writer at TV Guide Canada

In 2002, I joined the staff of TV Guide Canada as a fact checker, and then moved on to a staff writing position. My first feature was a first-person diary about auditioning for Canadian Idol's first season. Somewhere, there is footage of me belting 'Summer of 69' at Jake Gold, Sass Jordan and Co. I hope to one day be famous enough that it surfaces.