Suiting Romper & Shoes

When I saw this Romper pattern in my home feed on Pinterest, I thought it was one of those things that would be impossible to duplicate. You know when something is just too cute, too perfectly put together, to really be attainable? I thought for sure that’s what was going to happen here. I am so happy to report that this is one of the best sewing patterns I’ve ever used – I can’t believe it’s free. I’m a devoted fan of Shwin & Shwin now, for good.


Crafty Details
Size: Newborn
Fabric: Main fabric grey wool suiting, lining Midwest Modern Happy Dots by Amy Butler; silver trim from Mokuba
Pattern: Baby Romper by Shwin & Shwin; Cloth Shoes

The rompers… or should it be romper? Is romper plural? How about this: The overalls are made up in a beautiful wool suiting intended for a pencil skirt, and more expensive than I care to admit. The lining is the same Amy Butler fabric from Baby’s Sundress. I hope the kid likes yellow – I still have enough for another piece. There is something solemn and old-fashioned about this item. A baby in a Sherlock Holmes story might wear this. Or, as her father-to-be said when I showed them off, “Where is she going to wear them, to work?” Aye, in the coal mine!


As I was admiring these, I began to wonder if I’ve gone too far. If this is the outfit she’ll cite one day to her therapist as she explores her issues around clothes or sewing or wool. Are these so painfully cute they could inflict psychic damage? The best way to clear this ominous thought from my mind was to make matching shoes.


I forgot to take a picture – the shoe soles are white leather, obviously. And if anyone knows of a good pattern for a newborn sized Deerstalker, I am all ears.

I’ve already started making another romper for a friend. My mods include cutting straight pieces for the button extensions, rather than curved, and making them a bit deeper since I’m using snap tape. I also made sure to make a longer front trim piece and place it a bit further down, allowing more room for buttonholes.

In Progress: 8
Brown Aran Placket Sweater
Blue Yoke Sweater
Mini Malabrigo
Malabrigo Stripes
Glam Sleepsack
Glam Sweatshirt
Blue Full Circle Dress
Dale of Norway St. Moritz

Weeks Gone: 37 | Weeks Remaining 3

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