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Chelsea Hamilton arrives in Los Angeles expecting to record an album with her long-time boyfriend and bandmate, but when he’s invited out on the road with another act, he leaves her alone in the sprawling city. Determined to find her own way forward, she falls in with a group of young comics, including Katie, who invites Chelsea into her life with an open heart.

But then Chelsea stumbles into what sounds like a dream job: live-in nanny for one of the most famous women in music, Cat Morgan. Cat is more than just a musician though. She’s a pop superstar, a fashion icon and an international brand. Chelsea’s new home is behind locked gates, so far from the noise and grit of the city, it was as well be another planet.

The work is easy, the house is incredible, and Cat’s mercurial husband Daniel even has a recording studio in the basement. A glittering possible future begins to come into focus, but it will come at a cost. As Chelsea and Daniel begin to work together, she discovers her own ambition, her musical voice, and a secret self, darker and more cruel than she knew. The price of fame becomes clearer and clearer. Is she willing to pay it?

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I provide editorial and creative services to a variety of clients, from mainstream magazines to niche boutiques and services. I specialize in creating web and newsletter content, managing social media channels, and select web services.


I’ve published knitting patterns in a variety of places, including Interweave’s Jane Austen Knits, Knit Magazine and several Soho books.

If you’d like to see what I’m knitting, follow me on Instagram and Ravelry.



Over the years, I’ve played in a few bands and on my own. Most of the recordings pre-date the internet age, and are available only on CD or cassette.

In 2004, I was in a duo called The Lost Cause with Joel McConvey and we recorded at EP at Toronto’s Rogue Studio. It is available fror streaming at CBC Radio Three.