Striped Knit Top

I'm so happy with this little knit top I downloaded from BurdaStyle. As usual, I found my attempt at a patch pocket was nearly its undoing, but I managed to rip out the stitches without causing too much damage and proceed without the pocket. Instead…

Finished Object: Sleeveless Tunic Dress

Switching gears to sewing and knitting for myself again has been a bit of a shock to the system. Things take longer! Things have to fit properly in many positions, not just lying down! But I have strong motivation. For one thing, I don't want to buy a lot of new clothes in my current size when I'm still optimistic that I'll wake up one morning the size I was before I got pregnant. That's how it happens, right?

Baby Dresses Times Two

Finding time to sew or knit with a tiny human in the house is next to impossible - finding time to blog about it even more unusual. This post is brought to you by a vibrating bouncy chair and a shiny dangling monkey toy.

Full Circle Dress

I'm so thrilled I found a fellow who brings home textiles when he travels - and did so well before we got together. He unearthed this fabric from a plastic bin about 8 months ago when we were packing up to move, asking if I thought I could do anything with it.

Aran Placket & Red Rompers

Due in 3 days. 2 projects in progress. This seems totally fine. Like the Autumn Rose, this is a mini version of a sweater I really enjoyed making for myself way back when. The original pattern is adult sized, and calls for Tanis Fiber Arts Aran Weight. So to create a baby version, I used fingering weight and US 2 needles and the stitch numbers for the fourth size.

Glam Sleepsack and Sweatshirt

There's been a large box of pants in my office for almost 5 months. They were generously donated to a charity auction, but there were simply more pairs of the same pants than we could find use for, and the leftovers seemed to be setting up permanent shop chez moi. Finally, with the new year as motivation, we purged. Staff took a few pairs each, and the rest went to a charity bin. This is what I decided to do with mine.

Suiting Romper & Shoes

When I saw this Romper pattern in my home feed on Pinterest, I thought it was one of those things that would be impossible to duplicate. You know when something is just too cute, too perfectly put together, to really be attainable? I thought for sure that's what was going to happen here. I am so happy to report that this is one of the best sewing patterns I've ever used - I can't believe it's free. I'm a devoted fan of Shwin & Shwin now, for good.

Red Big Button Coat

When I first started teaching myself to sew seriously a few years ago, it was with the end goal of making myself a winter coat. After reupholstering a pair of chairs in fuchsia wool suiting, I had enough left over to make a knee-length, double breasted coat using Burda 7735. I don't really want to talk about how it all came out - suffice to say I don't have it anymore. I did wear it a few times before realizing it was an amateur hack job and I need to start smaller.
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